For internet orders shipped within the USA, Canada, or Mexico prices include shipping and handling costs. For international orders,we will add the following (US dollars):

for one:
capo 3.00
axys 3.00
Dobro capo 5.50
1-6 sleeves or delrin caps 1.00
guitar steel 6.50
string winder 1.75
fifth string capo 3.50
transposing guide 1.00
software or music CD 3.00
article of clothing 7.00
Talon guitar stand 9.00
musician posters (up to 5) 9.00

Shipping of multiple items will likely lower the per unit cost. We will charge your credit card for the actual shipping cost.

Also be aware that in some cases you might be required to pay regional taxes or duties when you take delivery. We are always researching dependable, alternate web sources for all of our products within Europe, Asia, and throughout the world in an attempt to reduce the extraneous charges for our customers worldwide.

Some sites we know now to be dependable sources for many of our products are:

Hobgoblin (UK)

Tone Toys (Germany)

email us at: